Elder Burgess begins his missionary service

Elder Kyle Burgess arrived at the New Zealand Missionary Training Center on September 26, 2013.  Kyle was in the MTC for only 12 days.  While he was there many of the 20 Americans in the MTC all had an illness of one kind or another.  This offered Kyle the chance to give his first Priesthood blessing.  His companion, Eder Booth, had a bad fever and so he asked Kyle to give him a blessing.  Two hours prior to this, the Spirit told him that he needed to prepare himself to use the Priesthood.  It was his first blessing and he didn’t know what he was supposed to say, but the Spirit told him exactly what to say.  He can’t remember anything that he said in the blessing, but someone told him that he sounded like his Bishop back home.  It was a powerful moment and a reminder that Heavenly Father is always there and will help His missionaries when they need Him.  After almost two weeks of training, he traveled to the Auckland Mission Home where he met President Lekias and his wife, and his first companion Elder Walker.

These are the new missionaries and their trainers.

Group Photo

Elder Burgess with President & Sister Lekias.

Elder Burgess

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