First Area

Kyle has had some great experiences in his first area so far.  His companion, Elder Walker, is from Pleasant Grove and they get along really well.  They both work hard and follow the mission rules.  They have an excellent ward mission leader who is very supportive.  They are teaching some good people and have scheduled a baptism for the first week in January.  He really loves teaching the gospel.  On his first night in the field, he and his companion were approached by a man who saw them from a distance and felt compelled to talk to them because he felt like they could help him.  They ended up giving him a Book of Mormon and teaching him for about 30 minutes that night.

Here are a few of the interesting things Kyle has written about his first area and his introduction to New Zealand:

When something is cool, they say it is “sweet as…”  He’s not sure what everything is sweet as because they don’t finish the sentence, but he likes the saying.  He said the lights on his bike are sweet as…  He also has a heater in his flat (apartment) that is sweet as.  There are ducks wandering around everywhere in Auckland.  He met a guy one day who looked like Tony Stark (Iron Man) and he met a guy jogging near his apartment who looked like Tiger Woods.  Sunday’s in the mission field are very busy days.  Kyle really likes the ward he is serving in and the members take good care of him by providing dinner appointments at least 4 nights a week.  One of the members gave him his first traditional New Zealander skirt!  He is very excited to get to wear it.

In New Zealand they don’t have some of the new missionary technology that others use, so they still tract and contact people in public places.  He has met many interesting people from several different cultures.  Kyle already feels that the days and weeks are flying by too fast.  He loved New Zealand from the first day he arrived and he is really loving the work.

Kyle is learning about the importance of following promptings.  Here is an excerpt from a recent letter:

I had a prompting that Elder Walker and I needed to visit a name on our list of former investigators.  They lived at the very edge of our area and it would take nearly two hours to bike there, but I knew we had to visit them and it had to be on a certain day.  We were late in getting started because the neighbor’s dog got our rubbish bag and dragged its contents all over the street.  It turned out to be a blessing because had we left on time we would have missed meeting this 11 year old girl and her less-active mother.  She has now chosen to resume taking the missionary lessons.  It was because we took the time to travel all the way up a mountain on our bikes to visit this name on a list.  If I had not been absolutely sure we needed to visit, I would not have begged my companion to go.  She was leaving town for camp in a few days and we were busy during the next few days so this was our only chance.  The view at the top of the mountain was awesome, too.

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