Investigators are Progressing

Here are a few comments about some of the people Kyle and his companion are teaching:

Elder Walker and I found a new investigator who was previously set for baptism but she had stopped visiting with the missionaries awhile ago.  Her entire family are members and in our ward, we’ve just never met them.  She is not in the previous records either, so it was a miracle that we found her…

One of our new investigators has read 200 pages of the Book of Mormon already.  He promised to finish it by next Saturday.  He works from 4:00 until 4:00 and still makes time to read and be with his family…

We are meeting with Cloeh, the 11-year-old girl we met several weeks ago, this Tuesday.  She promised to read the entire Book of Mormon by then…

One of the people we have been teaching went into the bookstore that hands out anti-Mormon literature and told the man at the counter, “Thanks for the anti-Mormon stuff.  I decided to join their church!”  She is scheduled to be baptized in January…

We ride our bikes up-hill for 30 minutes straight about twice a week to visit a member who has been helping us with the work and an investigator that lives nearby.  Two days ago while riding down the hill I heard a voice say, “Slow down, slow down, slow down.”  I hesitated, but obeyed and gave myself 200 ft. between my companion and me.  We had been going about 45 MPH and at the bottom of the hill we have to fit our bikes onto a narrow, one-way bridge.  Two ladies were standing in our way when we got there and my companion had to stick his feet out to slow down.  He about died, not sure how he didn’t, and now he has a bruise the size of the pedal on his calf.  Because I had slowed down, I had time to avoid a terrible collision with my companion and the ladies…

It takes strength to lead and faith to follow…

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