A Great Week

I got to play golf last PDay at Redwood Park golf club.  We only had time for 13 holes, but I finished at even.  It was a great to be on a golf course again…

While teaching a lesson last week, Elder Walker had to distract some other people in the room because they were chasing away the Spirit.  I was prompted to invite the woman we were teaching to be baptized.  When we invite someone to be baptized, the Spirit comes. As soon as I invited her to be baptized, the other people began leaving the room. Within two minutes, everyone except her and the missionaries had left the room.  All of her friends are now teasing her and abandoning her because she is getting baptized, but she still wants to move forward with it…

We had a prompting to revisit a home where we had delivered a pamphlet. We usually never revisit those homes because the person had already told us they weren’t interested but agreed to take the pamphlet probably in hopes we would just go away.  We almost didn’t get to drop this pamphlet off in the first place because we had already walked a ways down the road before someone answered the door.  When we went back this second time a young man answered the door.  I told him that someone living there had asked us to come back and that we left a pamphlet with them.  He let us in and we taught him the Plan of Salvation.  He read from the Book of Mormon and we asked him to pray about it.  He told us he didn’t need to pray about it because he already knew it was true.  We asked him to pray anyway and in his prayer he said, “I want to know if this book is true because these people are making me ask.”  He got his answer and we committed him to be baptized on the 28th of December…

This past week I have grown more than any other week I have spent in the field thus far.  I am more comfortable with being a missionary now and this has allowed me to throw myself into the work with more commitment…

Faith comes from confidence in Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost.  Strength comes from one’s calling.  Power in testifying comes from experience; both experience based upon time and bearing witness of one’s own experiences.  Resonance of power comes from speaking with boldness.  Boldness comes from desire and reliance on the Spirit.  The Spirit carries the words of God’s servants unto the hearts of those who are listening; and those words resonate with God’s elect…

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