Christmas in the Mission Field

During the Christmas fireside last night a member of the bishopric came up behind me and asked me to say the closing prayer.  He didn’t say when or anything so I just waited until the congregation sang the closing hymn.  I remained sitting for a few seconds and my companion nudged me to go say the prayer, so I did.  After giving the prayer, everyone burst out laughing and I was super confused.  I returned to my seat and my companion looked at me and neither of us knew what was going on.  10 minutes later, while eating dessert, Bishop Papalii came up to me and said, “Thanks for closing the meeting early for us; I didn’t want to speak anyway.”  Apparently, the Bishop was supposed to give some closing remarks but because I said the closing prayer, he decided not to give them.  I don’t think anyone minded getting to dessert early…

Last P-Day the District went to Piha Beach!  Finally!  But we couldn’t even go on the sand.  Being from Utah, it seems strange to have Christmas when it is raining or when it is so warm outside…

We’ve started playing basketball every morning.  There are 4 of us that play every morning at 6am at the chapel.  It’s great to get some exercise every day, but it sure makes me want to take a quick nap during lunch time…


While riding through the park this week, I saw a man hitting golf balls and we stopped so we could talk with him.  He was interested in America and things so we talked and then I asked if I could hit a golf ball.  I grabbed his 8 IRON and smashed a ball way over some trees and into a river.  He was shocked.  It was strange (like most things I do as a missionary) but also a good teaching opportunity…

Elder Walker and I recently met a less-active woman who told us she would never go back to Church (she hasn’t been in 10 years).  The Spirit prompted me to invite her to come back at the end of our conversation.  She’s now committed to coming to church with her non-member son this week.  Just like the story Dad sent to me, as missionaries and members of the LDS Church, it is our responsibility to invite everyone to read the Book of Mormon or pray or attend church…

The Christmas season has softened hearts and has made it easier for us to share the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ…

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