First Baptism!

Jade and Daniel were baptized on Saturday!  I got to baptize Daniel and confirm him the next day.  I was also asked to speak at the baptismal service.  The best part was after the baptism when Daniel bore his testimony.  He spoke of how he didn’t want us in his home to begin with, but he began to trust us as he learned that what we had to say was true.  He spoke about how reading the Book of Mormon was what changed this jail hardened, ex-criminal into a follower of Christ.  He has been truly converted…

Often after great spiritual experiences, challenging things happen. If we are not prepared for these challenges, we could lose our recently obtained momentum. If we are prepared and expect the challenges, then we can weather the storm and come through the other side stronger…

On Christmas Eve, we couldn’t knock doors so we sat on a park bench and talked to all of the shoppers who passed by.  Since we were by the mall there were hundreds of them…

One night last week the mouse trap went off.  When we checked it we couldn’t see anything because it was so dark outside, but upon closer inspection we found a hedgehog.  It looked dead, but then it sneezed or something and tried to run off.  We got a box and put the animal in it on our front porch.  We gave it water in a water bottle lid and some chocolate rice crispies.  The next morning we let the hedgehog go into the park behind our flat…

We got to teach another lesson to a Chinese woman.  She told us that she had been praying to God, (despite being Buddhist) to find peace in her life.  The next week we knocked on her door.  She really wants to be baptized.  Right now we are shooting for January 25th…

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