New Companion

I am still in Henderson Valley.  Elder Walker was transferred to East Auckland, and my new companion’s name is Elder Secrist.  He is from California.  He came into the field at the same time as Elder Walker.  I was asked to be the senior companion…

For family home evening last week we helped the new converts trace their family history back 7 generations.  They are also continuing to read from the Book of Mormon.  They have been assigned excellent home and visiting teachers which is awesome…

One of our investigators read the entire Book of Mormon but admitted that he hasn’t prayed about it.  He said he won’t join the Church…

I had a prompting to visit a less-active young woman while passing her street.  In the last 12 weeks, we had only caught her at home twice.  This time she was home and we had a wonderful conversation with her.  I told her that she needed to serve a mission.  I felt great peace after leaving her home.  I was talking to the Bishop the next day about missionary work in the ward and he said that the young woman had asked to meet with him that day to start the paper work required to serve a mission…

I had a prompting on Saturday to stop at an apartment complex to visit a less-active member that lived somewhere in it.  I had no idea where so I said a prayer in my heart to know which door to knock on.  I was prompted to knock on door #3.  It turns out, 3 members of the Church lived there and had just moved in a week previous.  They had been praying for a way to get to Church for fast and testimony meeting. They came to Church yesterday and got to know many members of the ward and one of them bore their testimony in Sacrament meeting…

Yesterday we ate dinner at the Burgess household.  Sister Burgess is a less-active member and her husband is not a member, and they’ve invited us to meet with them regularly. Sister Burgess convinced the other guests that were there that she and I were related.  We had 18 less-active member visits in the last week and it has been a great way to go about doing missionary work at the moment…


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