YSA’s and Missionary Work


Yesterday we spent time playing games and sharing messages after Church.  The members here are great and we love spending time with them.  We found out that one of our investigators is already a member!  They were baptized when they were younger.  It has still been good to teach them.  Any time we get a chance to teach the discussions it is good.  Almost all of our investigators at the moment are young single adult (YSA) aged. The focus has been teaching them to put on layers of protection to avoid temptation. By establishing a wall in their lives that is built upon prayer, scripture study and church attendance we have tried to help them feel the Spirit so that they can be truly converted. We decided to use the YSA from the Ward to fellowship these investigators and organized a YSA “SMINGLE” activity to which they were all invited and instantly had 20+ fellowships.  This has also been a great opportunity to get the YSA involved in missionary work…

Teaching about the Plan of Salvation never gets old and you can never cover all parts of it in one sitting.  When I got to the MTC I thought I knew what the Plan of Salvation was. Now I know what the Plan of Salvation is…

Recently we went looking for a former investigator.  The house we went to was surrounded by an electrical fence and barbed wire.  Pretty sure it was a power plant.  We decided to knock on the closest door.  The girl who answered was uninterested but said we could come back.  I wrote down the address but forgot about it for weeks.  I was repeatedly bugged by that experience and decided to go back to that address.  The same girl answered and was excited that we had come back and we taught her the Restoration.  We have now taught her two lessons and she is progressing very quickly.  She found out that her parents are LDS, but haven’t been to Church in 20+ years…

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