Driving and Dinosaurs

The sunsets here are beautiful.  Also, here is a picture of me burning one of my non-washable ties.  This marked my 4-month milestone.  If I burn a tie every 4 months I might run out of ties.  It seems like a strange tradition…

DSCN18211 DSCN18081

I got to drive for this first time last week.  It was a cool experience driving on the opposite side of the road, and was not too difficult.  The roundabouts are strange though because they have 2 lanes.  The streets are also really narrow and everyone parks on the street because no one has a garage…

Someone tried to tell us that dinosaurs aren’t real and the United States Government created them to scare us all.  She tried to explain that the fossils were just rocks placed in the ground by the Government to look like dinosaur bones.  “Oh, that’s interesting,” was all I could say without laughing…

Henderson Valley is the best.  We love working with the members here, especially our ward mission leader.  He is very helpful and takes good care of us.  He bought us tacos the other night…

This week during a lesson, one of our investigators felt the Spirit testify to her that what we were teaching is true, and now she is set for baptism on March 8th.  Later that same day while on trade-off with Elder Jarvis, we had the opportunity to set another investigator for baptism.  He is set for March 1st.  Elder Jarvis and I had met him a few weeks earlier while on trade-off.  This blessing is in direct accordance with both sets of missionaries serving here striving at all hours of the day to be exactly obedient.  It has been a good lesson for me of how important obedience is…


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