Incredible Week


One day this week, Elder Cadiz and I had burned through all of our plans for the day by 3:00.  “What do we do now?” was all I could say.  I prayed for inspiration and that the ancestors and descendants of someone we could teach would guide us to a person who had been prepared to hear our message.  I looked up and saw a huge hill and had a strong impression that we should bike up it.  I told my companion and he was less than thrilled with my idea, but he agreed to go.  As we were biking, I felt that the house would be somewhere on the right side of the road but I didn’t know where.  My companion was lagging behind and I looked back to see him stopped.  I turned around and when I got back to him he said he thought that a less-active member lived at this house on the right side of the road.  So we went to the door to talk with them and we were invited in.  Before long we were teaching their 9 year old daughter who, upon entering the room said, “I haven’t been baptized”.  She is now set for baptism the 8th of March…

When Elder Anderson came to address the New Zealand Auckland Mission, he came with his wife and Elder Pearson.  While Elder Pearson was speaking, Elder Anderson looked up at the ceiling for a moment, closed his eyes, and smiled.  Within the first 30 seconds after he entered the room, the Spirit bore witness to me that he is an Apostle and a Prophet of God.  Elder Pearson spoke about how being a missionary is not a temporary change.  One of the reasons why Heavenly Father sends out missionaries is because we are being trained to lead the Church one day soon.  Elder Anderson was ordained a Deacon in the same month that President Monson was called to be an Apostle…

While on trade-off in my area with Elder Gerdes, something crazy happened.  As we were crossing the street on bike, my eyes met another man’s and he took off running at me in a manner that closely resembled the “Bandogora” from STAR WARS.  As he was approaching me at sprinting speed, a perfect calmness fell over me and the words, “stand still” came to me.  (And I have not been able to forget how ingrained into my soul those words were because they stuck with me.)  This man then lunged at me as I lifted the front of my bike to defend myself.  I reacted so quickly to his lunge that he was caught off guard and was smashed to the ground.  He was only able to grab my shirt sleeves in the process. From the ground beside me he began to stand almost immediately as if he didn’t feel the blow and placed his hands on my bike handles.  A bearded guy who had been spectating until this point ran to my aid and smashed the attacker so that he collided with a street lamp.  The bearded man put his hand on my back to comfort me and told us to get away. We didn’t look back to see the mayhem that was left behind.  I know there were at least a dozen spectators to this event.  I reacted so much quicker than what would have been normal, and I didn’t even take a step backwards when this man collided with my bike tire. I know that I was protected by seen and unseen aid.  I must say, what was strange was the way I felt when this bearded man put his hand upon my back.  I had seen him sitting in the park just before this happened.  I’ll keep my eyes open for this bearded man in the future. I want to thank him for helping me…

[Note from Kyle’s parents:  We are also very grateful for the assistance provided by the bearded man.  We offered a prayer of thanks for his kindness and courage and prayed that Heavenly Father would bless him for helping our son.]

We have two sets at the moment—the 9 year old and a 16 year old young man.  We should have two more sets before the week is through, with others on the way.  One of the investigators the missionaries have been working with since August finally came to church this past Sunday.  He felt a strong prompting to come to church and he arrived with a member family…

There is no substitute for serving a mission…

Today we are going to the driving range!

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