Another Great Week

IMG_0180 (2) IMG_0173

We have 4 people set for baptism—2 youth and a married couple. President Maurer came along for the lesson when we set the couple for baptism. He is going to be a new Mission President in the Philippines beginning in July. He has been helping us teach recently. It has been great to have him with us and show him how we use Preach My Gospel in our teaching. He rode his bike for several miles to meet us for an appointment because his son needed his car. He is going to be a sweet mission president…

The man who is going to be baptized got up early one day and read all of the pamphlets we gave him. Then during the next lesson, he taught us the Word of Wisdom and his understanding of the Gospel. It was awesome! Great things have taken place in that home. The Spirit has done all of the converting. When we asked him if he would be baptized he replied simply, “Of course”. He attended the High Priest meeting when he came to church last Sunday…

We’ve been playing basketball lately on p-days. It really helps to be able to exercise and work-out like that…

I ate schwarma last week.  It is so good, and now I know why Iron Man wanted some at the end of the Avengers movie…

Just finished listening to “Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration” by Truman G. Madsen again.  There is so much to learn every time I listen to it…

I love President and Sister Lekias. They want all of the missionaries to be strictly obedient…

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