A New Companion

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My new companion is Elder Tererua, and he is from the island nation of Kiribati, which has a total population of about 100,000.  He is 21. His dad is a bishop…

We have to wait a week to watch General Conference at our Stake Center…

I understand better now just how omniscient God’s care is over every aspect of human history.   The Gospel is so simple to me, now that I have learned more and have seen it in action.  I understand better many of my experiences in high school and how they were a part of my early life so that I could learn about Jesus Christ in a way that I would understand.  The perspective I have of my ancestors and descendants is so great now that I can hardly describe it.  I have a greater mental vision of the importance of doing family history work.  While in the mission field I have had the privilege of working alongside spirits that I cannot see or remember, in teaching their ancestors and descendants.   Also, much help from the other side has been experienced in reactivating people…

We have been teaching a family and I had been worried about one of their concerns regarding Priesthood authority.  The wife has already been baptized a member of another church, and I didn’t know how to tell her she needed to do it again.  However, when we finished teaching the lesson on the restoration of the Priesthood, we saw a light enter her face and she said that she now understood the need for authority and wanted to be baptized with her husband.  Then we taught them about temples and eternal marriage. They accepted the doctrine and are preparing to be baptized and later sealed in the Temple…

We started teaching a new single 50 year old.  He is cool and very interested.  We met him on the street one day, then he did some research on mormon.org and requested missionaries to be sent to his house.  This was perfect because we didn’t get his address the first time we talked to him…

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