Miracles and Conversion

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One of the best days of my life was April 5th.  Three wonderful people were baptized—Bruce, Xuqing and Moana. It was great to hear their testimonies of conversion and repentance. They were converted because of the Book of Mormon. It was also great to see Bruce and Xuqing’s 17-year-old son attend the service.  We are now going to begin teaching him. I will never forget the miracles we have experienced in this area…

My new companion, Elder Tererua, has been out for 13 months. He is a very hard worker. He speaks the Kirabati language and is doing a great job learning English.  We have been playing basketball every week for P-day, which is awesome.  He enjoys basketball, and he runs with me every morning…

On the night before our baptisms, we experienced another miracle. My companion and I were led to one house in the midst of a large neighborhood. The man who lives there is a member and a returned missionary, but he is not on the records of the Ward and he has not attended church for several years. After talking to him, we discovered that he served as a missionary with my companion’s dad in Tonga. Amazing! Oh, and his 12-year-old son asked to be baptized. The entire family is coming to church next week…

After visiting one of our potential investigators, we were riding to a different area when we rode our bikes past some Korean women who were talking.  The following words came to me, “Open your mouth and testify to all.”  So we parked our bikes on the sidewalk, not caring if they were stolen, and went back to talk to these women.  They invited us to sit down with them and talk.  We taught the entire Restoration, and will be returning for another visit soon…

One of our investigators came to Church for the first time. He biked for 30 minutes in order to make it on time.  We had only taught him half of the Restoration more than a week ago, but he still came…

We are looking forward to watching General Conference next weekend. In New Zealand, the members watch Conference one week later. We have invited several investigators to watch Conference with us…

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