Following Promptings

One evening this past week we headed back to the flat earlier than usual, and I wasn’t sure at the time why I felt we should head back a different direction than normal. But I have learned to listen to and follow promptings so we continued that direction. While waiting at a stop light, we saw a man crossing the street. We stopped to talk to him and he said he had been praying for help just before we arrived. He started to cry and told us that his wife had recently passed away and that he was at the lowest point of his life.  He apologized and said he didn’t expect us to understand. I then told him about losing my little sister and what going through a terrible loss was like for me.  He was surprised that someone understood how he felt and cared enough to help him. He asked if he could come to church and for some material to read.  We gave him a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and a Book of Mormon, and we invited him to attend General Conference with us.  While at Conference he asked us if he could join the Church.  We have now set him for baptism on May 3rd.  He lives in the Sister’s area just north of our district so they will finish teaching him.  The Sisters were surprised when we handed him over to them for the lessons and baptism. I am grateful that we listened to the Spirit so we could find him. Heavenly Father heard his prayer and answered it through us. That is a very humbling feeling…

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