New Area


My companion is Elder Ma’U.  He is from Tonga.  The new apartment is huge, and there are four of us that live there now.  There is an upstairs and a down stairs; 3 bathrooms, a garage, etc.  No worries with the driving.  My companion always tells me to drive faster, so I must be driving carefully, right?  We had 3 investigators when I got here, and the Area Book was blank.  We have a lot of work to do to get things going here. The Bishop is happy that new missionaries have been sent to his Ward.  We are double covering Avondale Ward with some sister missionaries…

The package arrived and was just in time.  Thanks for sending the warm clothing.  It is freezing cold when the sun goes down…

If you remember, I didn’t have time to prepare before giving a talk last week.  I was at some members homes throughout the week and they asked me questions about my talk.  According to them I talked about the Sacred Grove and having pioneer ancestors. The Spirit helped me speak so I don’t remember everything I said…

My new district is bordering Henderson Valley Ward.  I run into people I know all the time.  I got to talk to Sam Kaipo and Victor Lui.  Victor came and sprayed the flat for fleas (yes, they were bad).  My second companion, Elder Secrist, is still in Henderson Valley…

The amount of physical activity we do is very minimal, but I am so exhausted all the time…

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