The District

I tell the District each week about Maren’s updates on family history work.  I have loved the challenge of being a new District Leader.  This week we had a companionship study with Sister Christensen and Sister Fanguna.  We focused on addressing concerns using the Book of Mormon as a conversion tool.  We also went on a trade-off with Elder Fanger and Elder Pennington.  Elder Fanger and I taught together one of the most spiritual lessons I have been a part of.  A Hindu family we found accepted the invitation to be baptized.  The member we brought with us shared his conversion story from Hinduism 10 years ago, which brought the Spirit as we taught the Plan of Salvation.  My understanding of the Plan of Salvation has broadened, and now I realize more fully the great things that are ahead for all of us…

We have 4 people set for baptism in June with 6 others that should be ready soon. Elder Ma’U and I had a great discussion this week on how we can be even more effective in finding people in this area.  He has only been out a few weeks, but he is doing great…

I taught a lesson this week on the Restoration of the Gospel using Lego people as the Apostles.  It helps keep the kids’ attention… 

They apparently have cameras that take photos when you speed and the mission office notified me that I got a $120 ticket for going 6 KMH over the speed limit…

When I wake up sometimes I expect to see my bedroom.  Then I realize that I’m on a mission in a distant country.  This all seems like a dream…

People in New Zealand drink a lot of Kool-aid called Raro.  Apple Juice is also common amongst LDS people…


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