Elder Ma’U

Here is a picture of my companion, Elder Ma’U. I also included a picture from our visit to the coast a few P-Day’s ago…

Elder Ma’U and I had five investigators come to Sacrament Meeting. We have one baptism set for this weekend, and she has been wonderful to work with. She is always the first one to Sacrament Meeting, and has come three weeks in a row. As a part of that first lesson we taught the Word of Wisdom and she committed to give up coffee and tea at that moment. She has never looked back…

This past week in District Meeting we challenged each companionship in the District to teach 20 member presence lessons. We felt impressed to help missionaries first believe that it was possible. Those who believed found great success. While on trade-off with Elder Hill this past week I gained a greater understanding of how to teach fellow missionaries…

I love the Ward that I am currently serving in. They are very prepared to support us in our missionary work. We are trying to be trustworthy by working hard and being obedient.

Elder Hill and I were getting ready to give a chapel tour, but I didn’t have the chapel keys. I had a prompting to check the back windows to the chapel. Sure enough, one of them was cracked open and the two of us climbed through. Our investigator was late, so we saw two people on the street and gave them a tour. It went very well. After that our investigator showed up. He is Jewish. He is now reading the Book of Mormon…

We got to give some yard service to a man in our Ward who has been helping us teach a family from Fiji. He is from Fiji too. I got to use a machete to cut grass…

We had to bike in the rain this morning to District Leader Council. It was not an easy ride. Today is also the Queen’s Birthday so everyone is on holiday. The email shops are closed so we are at the Chapel, but only one computer works. We live a 90 minute walk from the Church, so we had a member pick us up and unlock the Clerk’s Office so we could email…

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