I have learned that blessings come through consistency. In golf tournaments, it is essential that you play consistently over the four-day period because each stroke, whether it is a drive or a putt, has equal value in the end. The same goes for us as missionaries. Each day has equal value and opportunity in the grand scale of eternity. I know that as a leader I can’t afford to have an “off week”. I hold myself to that standard of Christ-like leadership.

I went on a trade-off with Elder Pennington this week, and we were a part of two big miracles. We found and taught some great people who have invited us back. It was a matter of Elder Pennington and I listening to the Spirit and visiting locations according to the Lord’s timing, and not when we had planned to. I also went on a trade-off with Elder Fanger this past week, and we taught a Part-Member family that hadn’t let missionaries in during the last 5+ months. Something was different in their countenances the day we visited, and again I believe it was a matter of the right missionaries with the right Spirit being in the right place according to the Lord’s timing.

My companion and I helped the Sisters blitz their area on Sunday. This was a great opportunity in which I sensed a growth in their trust in me. Last night after witnessing the biggest miracle of the week, I looked at the stars and thanked Heavenly Father for helping me to be worthy and for allowing me to serve at this time. I love being a missionary.

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