Good Things Are Happening

Good things are happening in this district, and I am excited that I have been able to participate from the very beginning in the rebuilding effort. The missionaries in the district have been blessed for their hard work. This district has been rebuilt, the trust of our Ward members has been rebuilt and I have been rebuilt as I have served here. The better prepared I am to meet Heavenly Father, the better I will know how to help others along the way.

If I had left on my mission with someone supporting me, it may have been an easier experience. However, I would not have learned all that I have had it been another way. Yes, I would have learned good things, but I have discovered that even if you are doing acceptable things but at the wrong time, you are not in harmony with God’s will.

If the missionary age had not been changed to 18 for Elders, I would just be leaving now. I am glad that I am not just leaving. Yes, I probably would have been better prepared to serve had I waited a year, but I can’t imagine not being able to experience the amazing conversions I have witnessed so far. I love the people I have been able to teach.

Our teaching was changed recently to focus primarily on getting the investigators to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. We have focused so little lately on stressing doctrinal conversion, and good things are happening. We want people to learn for themselves and making a stronger effort to gain testimonies. Getting them to Church and comfortable there, well integrated with the members, and reading/praying on their own has been the new focus.

Our Jewish investigator came back to Church on Sunday. He missed the Spirit we brought to his life. We watched a video about the Salt Lake Temple with him and the next day he came to Church. In the middle of Elders quorum he told everyone he wanted to be baptized. We took him to the Bishop and he set a date in August. We are also teaching a part-member family and they appear to be ready for baptism soon.

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