A New Companion

We had transfers this past Thursday, and I now have a new companion.  His name is Elder Teekana. He is from Kirribati and has been serving for 9 months.  I love my new companion. I am so excited for all of the things he and I will accomplish this transfer together.  Elder Ma’u was transferred to Manukau.


This week my companion and I met and started teaching a family of five.  Their mother passed away in April and they are truly humble.  They accepted the Plan of Salvation very well and we plan to set them for baptism this week.  This all came about because of our increased coordination with members.  One of our less-active families invited them over for dinner and things have taken off from there.  

A formerly less-active girl we have been teaching has made some good progress lately. After talking with her on the ride to a fireside, she has decided to get a Patriarchal Blessing.  I told her it would be invaluable personal scripture.  She has met with the Bishop who has been helping her out prior to receiving her blessing.  She comes to Church by herself now, and I think she will soon hit the point where she is there to stay.

Sister Ezekiela and Sister Heal are the best Sister missionaries.  I am impressed by their knowledge of how to do missionary work, but even more impressive is their diligence.  I can learn from their examples, as I know the rest of the District can do the same.  We have developed a game plan with them as members of the same Ward, and have a solid vision of where we see the Ward in six weeks.  Our work with the Ward Council will be instrumental in accomplishing our goals. These new sisters are awesome!  I am anticipating a great transfer for all of us.

Here are some more pictures:


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