It’s Winter in New Zealand


I know it’s not as cold as it gets in Utah, but we noticed that some of the bird baths are freezing.  When I wear my hood from my coat, I look like a Jedi…a Jedi wearing a suit and a nametag!

Everything is going great with my new companion. He works hard but also likes to have fun. We are teaching a great family and they want to be baptized but we discovered that one of their concerns is the fear of being submersed in water. Hopefully we can get them through this. Recently my companion and I spent over three hours helping an investigator family with yard work. It was actually great to have a break from normal missionary work. They really needed the help.

Last night at the Come & See fireside, Bruce and Xuqing spoke about their conversion. It was amazing to see some people who I was blessed to share the gospel with now be able to share it with others. They did a really great job, and I felt the Spirit as they humbly and sincerely bore their testimonies. There were more than a thousand people in attendance. I introduced our new investigators to Bruce and Xuqing after the conclusion of the fireside. I also had a chance to meet with Elder and Sister Reynolds last night. They had also been instrumental in the conversion process of Bruce and Xuqing.

We had three investigators attend sacrament meeting for the first time, and each of them has a baptismal date in September. The fireside last night was excellent because it was the first time one of our investigators has attended a church meeting of any kind. He and his family enjoyed the meeting because it brought a new perspective of the blessings the gospel can bring to them. They appreciated the way they felt at the fireside and expressed a desire to return next month.

On trade-off this week with Elder Gulliver we taught several lessons and discussed his plans for leading his new area. It is a great blessing to have an Elder like him in this district. We visited Sister Hull this past week. She is doing great and she came back to our Ward on Sunday.

We knocked on someone’s door who we hadn’t talked to in many weeks. One of her flat mates answered the door and grabbed us and pulled us inside. He was very drunk and tried to force us to drink alcohol. I used the moment to teach some guests there about the Word of Wisdom.

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