Looking For The Elect


We meet people every day who have already read a bit from the Book of Mormon, who have LDS relatives or who have been to church before. The challenge is to try to help them feel the Spirit and understand the importance of taking the necessary steps to conversion and activity. We are looking for those who will hear the truth and accept it. We are looking for the elect.

We visited a children’s hospital this week and had the opportunity to give a few blessings to members and nonmembers. It was an opportunity for growth. After blessing one of these children prior to his surgery, his mother (and later his father) asked for a blessing. I felt prompted to bless the Dad with the ability to provide for the family’s temporal needs and to seek for ways to provide for their spiritual needs also. He is not a member of the church yet. While at the hospital, I found myself reflecting on all of the time I spent at my little sister Emily’s hospital growing up and how helpful it was to have a place like the “Forever Young Zone” to hang out in. When I have the financial means to do so, I plan on constructing a place of similar comfort. I also realized how stressed the parents of these kids were, and how hard it was on their marriages. I remember how my Mom and Dad didn’t let us know what was really happening and how they tried to hide the disappointment and sorrow while my sister Emily was in the hospital. Without the Gospel being first in their lives, perhaps they wouldn’t have weathered those storms as well as they did.

I just received an email with my Priesthood line of authority which I had requested from lineofauthority@ldschurch.org last week. By doing this, the Priesthood which I hold has become a greater reality to me. I have no doubt that this will be an aid in my teaching the restoration of the Priesthood to investigators and members.

We now have 4 people set for baptism. We have been working with these individuals since early May and so they know many of the Ward members well enough that they have become comfortable in attending church. I am confident that after baptism, the Ward will have few problems in retaining these converts.

One of my favorite parts about this past week was the trade-off I had with Elder Jorgensen in his area. We both learned a lot as we worked on refining our abilities to use the Spirit of Discernment. There were so many people to talk to and so many places to go. We both quieted our minds and went to where the Holy Ghost directed us.

Last P-Day we went to the Auckland museum with the Assistants. We ate Mexican food while we were in the city… it was awesome! We also woke up early and played basketball in the chapel in the heart of the city. Yesterday we ate dinner with the Phillipino investigator family again at one of the member’s homes. The mom is struggling to get her family active with her, but she still invites nonmembers over to dinner for us to teach.

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