Springtime in New Zealand



It is springtime in New Zealand. The weather has been strange lately. One day it is sunny and we can wear short-sleeved shirts, and the next day it is raining and I have my heavy coat on again.

The big drive in the mission is family history work at the moment. The mission president has asked that every missionary fill out a “My family” booklet. We are encouraged to teach members and non-members the importance of knowing their ancestors and doing their temple work for them.

We had a new family come to church recently. They were impressed by how welcoming the Ward members were and they said they were inspired by many of the testimonies that were borne. My heart was touched when a less-active member we have been working with since April stood up to share her testimony. She spoke of how she hadn’t been behind the pulpit since she was 10, of the struggles her little family has been going through, and how our challenge to her to fast and read the Book of Mormon for an hour every day for a week has blessed her life.

One of our biggest goals is helping the Avondale Sisters to baptize in October as a part of our “October Madness” quest to break the zone best. Because Elder Gulliver and Elder Basson will be baptizing along with my companion and I, we don’t want the Sisters to miss out on this opportunity to wear white! One of the biggest miracles I have witnessed is when Sister Heal came into the Ward and completely changed the culture of missionary work.

I am grateful for my mission president’s counsel during my last interview, “There is no end to the things Heavenly Father can teach us.” It is a simple truth, but it has helped me to put my approach to learning in the proper perspective.

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