Two Companions


I now have two companions. In addition to serving with Elder Teekana, I am training Elder Fine who is from Tonga. Elder Fine is helping me understand the culture a little better. In one picture I’m drinking Milo while wearing a flower hat. For the other picture, I found the construction hat in a mud puddle and brought it home and cleaned it up, and the Chinese hat came from some investigators who got it from a Chinese festival. The other two Elders are wearing pots on their heads. I guess they didn’t want to feel left out.

I have been trying to exercise lately by running up and down the stairs of our apartment building. It worked great until one of the neighbors got upset and called the landlord. I guess being a good neighbor is important too. We still get to play basketball sometimes.

The Elders in the district had 3 baptisms last week. They are doing a great job. In district meeting we have talked a lot about working more effectively with the Ward Council. Sometimes we have to get creative in coming up with new ideas. For example, I am using my Christmas stocking from last year to issue missionary challenges to members. They reach into the stocking and pull out a challenge on a piece of paper that they should try to complete. I have also come to further understand just how much there is to learn from Preach My Gospel.

The other day I felt that we needed to go to the underground train station in New Lynn (one of the suburbs we cover). Of course we didn’t know why we were there or where we were going. When we got there, we walked over to a bench and sat down next to someone and had an awesome lesson with them. They later boarded the train and traveled to Henderson while we passed their information over to those missionaries. Experiences like this can happen when we are seeking to follow the Spirit.

We have two baptisms scheduled on the 18th. We already booked the chapel and announced it! The work is continuing to go well in this area.

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