Seven months ago, I had the honor and blessing of helping Bruce and Xuqing enter the waters of baptism. My new area is in the same district where they live and I was able to visit them during a split this week. They are preparing to be sealed in the temple next year. I am so happy for them. One of the reasons for their continued progression in the gospel is because of great members in their ward. Bruce’s hometeaching companion is an excellent example of faithful fellowshipping.

A few days ago we went to the Takapuna Ward to help the Elders blitz their area. I went home that night and got out my old planners from that area and wrote down every investigator and part-member family we were working with. It was nearly a page long. Needless to say, the Elders were very pleased to receive such a long list of names to start working with. They now have a large teaching pool. I have learned that one of my primary responsibilities as a District Leader is to help Elders and Sisters in their spiritual conversion. Throughout my mission I have learned that everyone has different life experiences and different levels of spiritual conversion. I am accountable for the District’s progress as a whole, and not just my own area.

Elder Hann’s accent is mostly American now because most of his companions have been American. The members and investigators tease him because he doesn’t sound very Scottish anymore…

My best advice for starting a gospel conversation: be natural. Talk about rugby or the weather or golf or something. Then when they see you are normal, find a way to talk about something related to the gospel. In most everything that people say, you can highlight a truth of the gospel that is related to it…

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