Elder Hann & Rocky


Here is a picture of Elder Hann, my new companion. Recently we were joined by a young man named Rocky, who is preparing to leave for his mission to Texas, but he is still waiting for his visa. Also included are some pictures of the other Elders in the District.

Last week for District Meeting we tried something new. We decided that everyone should bear their testimony as a person from the Book of Mormon. For example, I drew Teancum out of the envelope while my companion was Mahonrimoriancumer. It was a great experience.

The other day while on a blitz in Takapuna with Elder Jenson we went to see some investigators that I had taught while I was there. One of them said to me, “Your countenance is different. It’s like you’re glowing.” Honestly, it must be something funny I’m eating…

Some important things I have learned recently:
1. We need to strive for improvements and willingly seek for correction.
2. The power and importance of setting goals.
3. Instead of praying for your circumstances to change, pray for strength and courage to faithfully endure the challenge.
4. Humility comes when you “pray always”.

Kids talk about Frozen all the time. It sounds like a movie I will have to see when I return…

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