2nd Temple Trip


Here are some pictures taken the last few weeks.  Last P-day while playing basketball, Elder Hann dislocated his thumb.  I won’t send a picture because it was gross.  When we got to the doctor’s office the receptionist handed him a clipboard and asked him to fill out the three pages and then turn it in so they could get a doctor to help him.  After we (the Zone Leaders and I) filled out his forms for him, we waited for 30 minutes before a nurse came to get him and reset his thumb, which took 30 seconds.

The next day (Tuesday) was the long awaited temple trip.  I missed being in the temple so much that it brought me to tears.  It was great to be with several of the missionaries I have served with.  I completed the temple work for the family file name Maren sent a few weeks ago.  The man was born in 1535 in England.  He has been waiting a long time to have his work completed…

One of our investigators helped us move furniture for a member family.  He said it was the first time in a long time he had done service for someone.  He is battling his friends’ poor influence at the moment.  He told them about his baptism and they have been giving him a hard time because now he won’t be drinking or doing other dumb things with them…

I got to attend the Come & See Fireside with Elder Jarvis while Elder Crane and Elder Hann went to the musical fireside at the Sunset chapel (our home Ward).  I got to listen to President Pearson speak again.  I shook President Pearson’s hand before it started and he said, “Elder Burgess, it’s nice to see you again.  How are you doing?”  I responded with, “I’m doing very well.”  He replied, “Good.  You look very good.”  I needed to hear that from him.  Heavenly Father answers our prayers through the words and deeds of others…

Christmas is a big deal here.  Because it is summer, on Christmas day almost everyone goes swimming…

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