Missionary Work is Fun


Last Monday we went to an indoor trampoline park called “Jump”. It was a lot of fun. There were basketball hoops, little kids to throw dodgeballs at =], and heaps of trampolines to do flips on. I wore my Spider-man shirt too so I was extra bouncy…

Later in the week while I was brushing my teeth Elder Crane tried to scare me, but instead he bumped into the wall and the burglar alarm. We didn’t have the code to turn it off so it screeched at us for a good 30 minutes. Eventually we called the Senior missionaries that are in charge of flats. By this time it was nearly 11:30. Elder Reeves already thinks I’m a trouble maker because I got the car towed, so when Elder Crane called him he said, “Is Elder Burgess involved?” Elder Crane responded with, “Of course.” “I knew it. Give me 10 minutes to get dressed and drive to the mission office” was all Elder Reeves could say. Elder Reeves couldn’t find the code so we decided to drive to the Tongan Elders flat and just sleep on their floor. That ended up being the coldest and most uncomfortable night of my life (even colder than sleeping in the ice cave because at least then I had a sleeping bag). We got the code from the landlord in the morning…

We are teaching a lady who got kicked out of her church and her parent’s home when she was young because she asked too many hard questions. She has been looking for a Church her whole life that she agrees with. After sitting down with her, her first question was about whether America was a holy land of promise. She wanted to know if Mormons believe America is a special place. We taught the Restoration with some twists that fit her personality. After some more inspired questions, we agreed to stay for another hour as we taught the plan of salvation. She asked about creation vs. evolution, end of world doctrine, and baptism. She is the most prepared investigator I have ever met…

Every investigator is different and every lesson is different. The best teachers I have seen find a way to relate to people and then just be their friends…

We had two Scottish less-active members come to the chapel so we could help them with family history this last week. Elder Hann was excited. Each of these guys couldn’t remember the last time they entered a chapel…

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