Following the Spirit

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I said goodbye to Elder Fanger and Elder Hann last week. My new companion is Elder Fine who I served with several months ago. I am very excited to be serving with him again…

Recently we taught the 4 year old Primary class. We were supposed to teach the Restoration, but after a few minutes I realized that topic wasn’t going to work well with small children. So we decided it would be more beneficial if we showed them pictures and told them stories while they played with the toy men that we use when we teach about the 12 apostles. There was a moment when I realized that Heavenly Father was probably watching and smiling at the situation…

Several days ago I went on trade-off with Elder Smith, who was my District Leader when I entered the mission. We accomplished several goals and in the space of 90 minutes we taught 3 lessons. When we returned from the trade-off we got a call from a member in the Ward who was so excited I had a hard time understanding him. He had invited a Chinese family on the street to tour the chapel. Afterwards, he went with us to teach them a lesson and to answer questions. It was the prefect member missionary scenario…

We introduced one of our investigators to a 15 year old member girl and her mom. The mom had asked us if we knew anyone who could tutor her daughter and we thought of our investigator. It is working out very well. The investigator is going to get baptized soon…

A few days ago, our 8:00 appointment had cancelled, so we prayed to know where we needed to be for the last hour of the day and we were prompted to visit a family whose daughter was baptized in April. We got in the car and made the long drive there, and as we were pulling up to their house we saw the guy who had cancelled our appointment at 8:00 that evening! We were so far away from his house and he happened to be jogging on that street at that exact moment. When he saw us he said, “This is totally a sign. You guys can come over tomorrow.” If we had hesitated to follow that prompting we wouldn’t have ran into him. That entire day we seemed to be in the right place at the right time…

We visited an active member family this week and invited them to participate in the missionary discussion program but they initially said “no”. However, we were persistent and let the Spirit work on them as we stayed longer than an hour. After asking some questions and sharing my experience of receiving a Patriarchal blessing we said a prayer and stood up to leave. They changed their minds and asked us if we would come back the next week to teach them the missionary discussions. I smiled as I shook their hands and then they hugged us. After a little over an hour of the Spirit working extra hard we had a good understanding of one another. Perhaps a lesson to be learned here is that no one wants to hear what you have to say until you have earned their respect by example, or by showing them how much you care…

For a proselyting activity we went to the park and played basketball with some kids. The next day we went back and talked to one of the kids. He said he went to Church and he just started a Christian youth group at his school. He invited us to share a message with his family and gave us his address. Basketball can be an awesome missionary tool!

We have noticed recently the large number of times we have been led by the Spirit to be somewhere or to do something at a specific time. Preach My Gospel tells us on page 10 that, “A Missionary should live so that you can receive and know how to follow the Spirit, who will show you where to go, what to do, and what to say.”

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