My Hero

IMG_0146imageIMG_0043 (3)IMG_0035 (4) [Note:  This post is from Elder Burgess’ dad]

Many of us have heroes who we look up to because they performed a courageous act or because they are consistently kind and selfless.  One of my heroes is our son, Kyle, who is currently serving as a missionary in New Zealand.  Nearly two years ago, Kyle was led by the Spirit of God to testify of truth to some people who did not want to hear what he had to say.  Because of fear and pride, they rejected his testimony, they told him he was crazy, they laughed at him and they threatened him.  Through this experience, Kyle became a disciple of Jesus Christ even before his full-time mission began.  He stood and boldly testified of truth given to him from God and he bravely faced ridicule and anger while his testimony was being rejected.  As I witnessed his experience, the Spirit sent these words to my soul, “Fools mock, but they shall mourn.”  I recognized this phrase as the words of the Lord to Moroni when he worried that his testimony and the testimonies of the other Nephite prophets would be rejected because of their weakness in writing.  I have come to know that anyone who is inspired to testify of truth and is willing to stand firm against those who would mock and attack them will receive special support from our Savior.  I also know that those who choose to not accept truth will eventually mourn because of the consequences of their lack of courage.  Kyle will be coming home soon from his full-time mission.  There is no doubt his testimony has been strengthened while he has served.  However, he became a true disciple of Jesus Christ when stood and testified of truth while he was only a boy.  That is when he became my hero.

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