In 1881, a great Chief among the Maori people made the following prophecy:  “My friends, the church for the Maori people has not yet come among us.  You will recognize it when it comes. Its missionaries will travel in pairs.  They will come from the rising sun.  They will visit us in our homes.  They will learn our language and teach us the gospel in our own tongue.  When they pray they will raise their right hands.  This is the day of the fullness. This covenant will be remembered by generations which follow after us.  We are the people of the lost sheep of the house of Israel.  We will learn of the scepter of Judah; of Shilo; of the kingdom of heaven; of the sacred church with a large wall surrounding; of the increase of the races; of faith, love, peace, patience, judgment, and unity.”

I have been blessed to teach and baptize some of the descendants of these people.  I am currently serving among them in my final area, which is very beautiful.  I love serving the people of New Zealand.


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