One of “The Brothers” is coming home

For as long as we can remember, our daughter Maren has called them, “The Brothers”. They have done many things together over the years. They both share the same passion for BYU sports, they both love to golf and fish and hike, and they both wanted to serve as missionaries as soon as they were allowed. The older (and formerly taller) brother, Kyle, returns from New Zealand in a few days. The new big brother, Ryan, leaves for his mission to Iowa in August. Before he goes, we get to enjoy another moment with the brothers together as Kyle gives his homecoming address and Ryan gives his farewell address in the same meeting.

Elder Kyle Burgess has set an excellent example for his younger brother as a missionary serving among the wonderful people of New Zealand.  For anyone he has served with, whether you are members, missionaries, or investigators, we thank you for your kindness to him.  Each of you has impacted his life and has caused him to love the land and people of New Zealand.  We look forward to the day when we will return with our son to visit.

God bless you for taking care of our son for two years.  He is now coming home!Kyle_Ryan_BYUkyle_ryan_airport

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