Two weeks before Kyle left for New Zealand, he was able to go to Palmyra to visit the church history sites in the area.  Here are a few words from Kyle’s farewell address that emphasize how important it was for Kyle to visit these sites before serving:

Ten days ago I was sitting in the Sacred Grove; making promises and being taught by the Spirit how to better prepare for and serve my mission.  The morning before, I was sitting in the Palmyra temple, thinking about the farewell topic I had been given, “Standing in Holy Places”, and realized how much of my life has been affected by my standing in holy places…

sacred grove

I can think of no holier place on this continent than the Sacred Grove. A boy, who was humble enough and concerned enough about his salvation and the salvation of his family, knelt to say his first verbal prayer and received an answer and a calling he never could have expected. I bare witness to you, from someone who stood just ten days ago where Joseph knelt to ask his Heavenly Father for an answer, that Joseph was a prophet, and that he did restore Jesus Christ’s gospel to the earth. I know, brothers and sisters, that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. He has answered mine, He answered Joseph’s, and He will answer yours…

While I was in Palmyra with my Dad we visited some pretty cool places, one of them being the Hill Cumorah. Joseph’s annual trips to this sacred hill began after he knelt one night and asked his Father in Heaven to forgive him for his mistakes. Later that night, Moroni visited him and delivered the same message three times…Today is the 190th anniversary of those events. I have been in the room where Joseph first saw Moroni, I have walked through the fields where Joseph worked, I have stood on the Hill Cumorah, and I cannot deny the divinity of the events I know took place there. These are sacred places, and I am grateful I had the opportunity to stand in them. The Spirit that was with me while I stood in these places is with me today, and will follow me to New Zealand. I have no doubt that the work Joseph Smith was called to do was the work of God, and I am grateful to be a part of it today.

This is Kyle standing at the top of the Hill Cumorah.


Kyle and I met some wonderful missionaries while we were in Palmyra.  They are full of the Spirit and are providing a critical service to all those who visit those sacred sites.



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